RapidArc™ - Advanced Radiation Therapy

The Arizona Institute of Urology provides state-of-the-art treatment for cancer patients, which includes radiation therapy by using RapidArc™ technology.

With image-guided radiation therapy, or IGRT, we deliver precisely focused, high-energy radiation to a localized area to destroy tumors throughout the body that often cannot be addressed by conventional surgery. RapidArc™ represents a major medical advance and is more comfortable for patients because less time is spent in daily treatments. RapidArc™ treatments can be delivered two to eight times faster than conventional treatment.  In some instances, a fast, precise RapidArc™ treatment takes less than two minutes which allows patients  to receive quick treatment so they can return to their daily routines.

How it Works

RapidArc™ rotates 360 degrees around the patient, enabling very small beams with varying intensity to be aimed at the tumor from multiple angles. The digital imaging device is mounted on the machine via robotically-controlled arms that operate along three axis of motions. No other imaging device for radiotherapy has this range of motion. This innovative technology allows physicians to obtain the best possible view of the tumor and surrounding anatomy.

The device produces three-dimensional images of the tumor, and it can also track tumor motion to provide physicians with a clear indication of exactly how a tumor will move during treatment due to normal breathing and other physiological processes. If the cancer has moved due to physical changes, treatment can be adjusted so the patient receives precise treatment.