Clinical Trials

Arizona Institute of Urology has a commitment to provide the most up to date and effective care for our patients. Part of this commitment can be fulfilled our patient centered services - clinical trials. Through clinical trials we offer our patients the ability to take part in the continued progress of medicine and science.  New treatments, both surgical and medical will be made available to our patients by our clinical trials team.

Without clinical trials it is difficult to advance the care many complex medical problems. By being willing to participate our patients not only possibly benefit themselves but also benefit their fellow man and medicine in general. We are proud to be able to provide this valuable service.

For more information about these studies or to learn how you can participate, 
contact us at 520-784-7019 or

This is a partial list of some of our studies.  Please keep in mind these are FDA studies and all have a randomization scheme as required by the FDA:

  • - ENACT-Astellas 9785-MA-1010 for prostate cancer - Currently enrolling

  • - Aramis-Bayer 17712 for prostate cancer - Currently enrolling

  • - PROfound-Astra Zeneca D081DC00007 for prostate cancer - Currently enrolling

  • - Atlas-PCR3003 for prostate cancer - Currently enrolling

We are adding more urology and prostate cancer studies. We will reach out to our colleagues and people with urology symptoms who are not currently receiving treatment. We are offering the benefits of clinical trials to not only our patients but to the entire community.

Check back here often for current projects and updates.