Cancer Therapy Center

In addition to the five urology practices serving the Tucson area, Arizona Institute of Urology also offers radiation oncology for the urology cancer patient at the AIU Cancer Therapy Center. AIU has a system-wide dedication to cancer diagnosis, pathology, treatment planning, and minimally invasive surgery — all of which contribute to comprehensive care that focuses on the patient.

We use a specific dedicated system that involves DNA testing to ensure biopsy evaluations, whether positive or negative, correspond to the correct patient. This process is a quality-care control measure that prevents errors and provides patients with an accurate diagnosis, which is critical when administering fast and effective treatment. 

At our Cancer Therapy Center, radiation therapy is provided using RapidArc™ technology, which allows more dosage to the tumor, less coverage to healthy tissue and shorter treatment times all making it 2 - 8 times faster than conventional radiation. 

Our team of physicians specialize in treating cancer of the following areas:

- Prostate
- Testicular
- Bladder
- Renal (Kidney)

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