MonaLisa Touch®

The MonaLisa Touch Difference

MonaLisa Touch: an innovative treatment for vaginal health.

MonaLisa Touch is an ideal treatment that is fast, simple and safe.

    Simple and Safe:
  • Three <5 minute treatments at 6 week intervals
  • No anesthesia and virtually no pain
  • In-office procedure
  • Annual follow up treatment once a year

MonaLisa Touch – A simple and safe treatment that works.


MonaLisa Touch treats the symptoms of vaginal health by generating new collagen, elastin and vascularization of the vaginal mucosa. The procedure is safe, virtually painless and uses proven methods similar to those used to treat aging facial skin.

It does this using a gentle fractional CO2 laser with a vaginal probe. The laser energy is virtually painless. Similar to your annual exam, the physician will insert the probe into your vagina and deliver laser energy pulses. The entire procedure is less than 5 minutes.

A unique pulse targets surface epithelial tissue and deep lamina propria tissue to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen and the components of the ground substance of the matrix.

MonaLisa Touch

Fractionated beams of light penetrate small areas of tissue. This creates small injuries in the epithelial layer of the vaginal mucosa which triggers fibroblast activity which stimulates new collagen production.

Figure: Colposcopic view of vaginal walls immediately after a session of fractional CO2 therapy. Arrows indicate microscopic ablation zones.

The therapy requires 3 procedures every 6 weeks. Each treatment lasts about 5 minutes. A significant amount of improvement is noted even after the initial treatment!

Procedure Animation